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Finally, a remedy for the guilt that’s been festering inside of me for AGES as I’ve neglected this blog. Hello. It’s me. The semester’s been very busy so far. I’m somehow busier than I’ve ever been in college even though I’m taking less credits than I’ve ever taken. I guess I can blame extracurricular activities for that, though I don’t regret any of the new duties I’ve taken on. I have been performing as a member of a spoken word poetry group, conceptualizing and putting together looks in conjunction with four other awesome people for an on-campus fashion & art magazine, completing the required training to host my own radio show (you can now listen to Phantasmagoria on Wednesdays from noon to 1 PM!), and keeping up with all of my other usual commitments. My social and extracurricular lives are booming, but I’ve reached that part of the semester where exhaustion hits and schoolwork becomes an impossible obstacle.

It’s the same every time: disaster strikes.  I glance at my agenda, see that I have 120 pages due for one class the next day, and feel so unmotivated to get it done that I sink into a cycle of checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit until it’s 2:00 AM and I have to go to sleep so I can wake up and scramble to make something happen. It happens more than I care to admit, and way more than I’m comfortable with as a student. This is the part of the semester when I most need to be on top of my game, but the vicious cycle of academic malaise is too real. So, the only option is to fight. Fight back against the feelings of ennui that would have you sit around for hours doing nothing when there’s so much you could and should be working on.

Clear your head by going for a walk outside. That’s productive, in a way, and you might even feel inspired and/or rejuvenated by nature. Wordsworth and Coleridge and all those other Romantics were all about that stuff.

Write down your future goals as a reminder of your trajectory. You’ll never get there if you don’t do the things you have to do now.

Meditate. Even if you don’t buy into it, just disconnect from social media and think for a bit. Maybe that’ll help extract passivity from your psyche, or something.

Give yourself time to rest! Everything is so much easier when you’ve had enough sleep, as simple as that sounds.

I’m not a self-help author and this isn’t The Secret, but my hope is that some of this resonates with you. Having reflected a bit in this entry and in my personal life, I already feel much more optimistic about my prospects as this semester wraps up. I’ve been doing well so far and I know I’m capable of a strong finish if I take my schoolwork and self care seriously.

I feel content with the fact that I’ve been writing in some form every day, but hopefully it won’t be three months before I next post an update here. Fingers crossed.

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