Hi! I’m Kyle Lopez, and I’m a recent graduate of William & Mary from Montclair, NJ. I double majored in English and Social Exclusion, which I designed myself; it essentially focused on how marginalization in society works, with lenses informed by critical theory, gender studies, linguistics, political science, and environmental studies (among others). I just completed my first year of the MFA program at New York University and have a day job as a copywriter. Frequent writer, inconsistent blogger. I list everything, so here are some topics/specific things I think are cool and/or interesting:

Horror hilm. Medieval literature. Afrofuturism. Politics. Pedro Almodovar. Toni Morrison. Modern and contemporary poetry. Barkley Hendricks. Celebrity conspiracy theories. RuPaul’s Drag Race. Magical realism. John Waters. Disco. Hiking. Art museums. Rap. Denim. Kettle corn. Stanley Kubrick. Overalls. House of LaBeija. Oscar Wilde. Ecofeminism. Dario Argento. Healthy masculinity and femininity. Mickalene Thomas. Salsa (music). Salsa (for chips). Parker Posey. Sociolinguistics. Ethical fashion and fashion as community practice. Yoruba religion. Queer activist history. Warm weather. Piglets.

I like a lot of other things, too. I’ll blog about whatever I feel like and you’ll find out more.

You can also follow me on Instagram here.


1 thought on “About”

  1. So excited to read more of your writing, Kyle! Your tone comes across well – independent and intelligent but also aware of yourself and how others might perceive you. Hope you find blogging rewarding, and perhaps we will one day have an English class together. (:


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