ASTRAL Fashion Show, September 2016-April 2017

ASTRAL was a combination hip hop and fashion show I organized with members of ROCKET Magazine and Students of Hip Hop Legacy at William & Mary. Showcasing fashion designers from the DC and Virginia area as well as local hip hop performers, ASTRAL was a philanthropic program benefitting local artistic scholarship for high school students through the Williamsburg Contemporary Arts Center. The event ended up raising around $1500 for this cause, with over 400 tickets sold total.

In my role as Fashion Director of ROCKET and founding member of ASTRAL, I was responsible for handling model casting, helping style the designers’ clothes, and various logistics related to the event’s execution (i.e. location brainstorming, e-mail correspondence, etc). I also appeared as one of ASTRAL’s runway models.

Solitary, February 2017

Solitary was a short film entrant in the 12th Annual 24 Speed Filmmaking Competition. The filmmaking team included myself, Stephanie Gaber, Emmaleah Jones, and Andrew Uhrig. Teams were given 24 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film of three minutes max after being given a mandatory prop (the number 10), line of dialogue (“Thanks, that was a quick save”), and a randomly selected genre (Prison). I served as Producer.

Collage, January-April 2016

Collage is a multimedia creative project that employs photography, videography, interview, and web design to explore how race, gender, sexuality and other markers of identity and difference impact the personal styles and gender performances of LGBTQIA+ people of color. The team included myself and Erica West, with videography by Christine Fulgham. The project was informed by writings in anthropology, queer theory, critical race theory, fashion studies, and academic writings focused on multiple ethnic minority groups (i.e. Black studies, Asian-American studies, etc).